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Win: IVVRD-120 | Dames-117

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Illinois Valley Vixens hosting DuPage Derby Dames

April 27, 2012 | Ottawa, IL

The Illinois Valley Vixens fought hard in their first bout of the 2012 season to take the win against the DuPage Derby Dames. Many of the Vixen players have been on leave, working to bring in the next generation of roller derby participants (three recent deliveries and four current pregnancies). The Dames gained former Vixen Banian Basher #1277 when she moved out of the Illinois Valley area, but Basher has maintained her Vixen friendships and enjoyed the friendly competition with her former teammates.

Barb Godwin’s voice filled Skydive Chicago’s roomy hanger with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. Soon after, the bouting began!

The starting whistles blew and the Dames immediately claimed the lead. They maintained the lead the entire first half; however, the Vixens were not to be easily thwarted. The Vixens trailed by 31 points, but with less than three minutes in the first half, they fought in the last jam to bring their score to 59 against the Dames’ 71, a difference of 12.

Half time offered the teams a chance to regroup while dancers Sophia Alonzo and Leah Kuhn from the Ottawa Pom Squad entertained onlookers with a dance called “Bird Flu”. The Vixens made a donation to the Youth Service Bureau from the proceeds of the bout.

Vixen’s Eplinator (#22) was on fire when she started the second half. Her jam pulled 14 points against the Dames who were unable to claim any gains against the voracious Vixen defense. The first jam ended with the Vixens at 73 against the Dames’ 71.

The Vixens battled the Dames to maintain that lead for much of the remainder of the bout. Jammers took heavy hits and slid across the slippery floor, unintentionally taking refs out more than once. With 12:40 left on the clock, Dames jammer Give ‘Em L (#12 ) gained a momentary victory over the Vixens, 92 to 88, but the Dames lost it in the next jam for a tied score of 92 to 92. After that, it was neck to neck. Vixen jammers grappled for whips from their blockers, who were already occupied with playing offense and defense simultaneously. Vixen blocker Punk E Bruise-Her (#911) saved her jammers more than once by hitting Dames blockers out of the way and Floor Kissin’ T (#6) impishly distracted Dames blockers every chance she could.

The Dames were ahead by 2 points going into the final jam, but with their jammer starting in the box their only hope was to block the Vixen jammer. Vixens took the advantage and trounced the Dames. Final score, Vixens 120 to Dames 117.

MVP awards went to Vixens Eplinator (#22) and Dames Knuckle Sammich (#N7). Best Boutfit awards went to Vixens Claire-Tastrophe (#66) and Dames Pink Pow-Her Ranger (#424).

~Mystri Jammer

Win: IVVRD-125 | 88's-114

posted Nov 7, 2011, 11:04 AM by Vixens Webmaster

Illinois Valley Vixens hosting Aurora 88’s – Bout Recap

October 21, 2011 | Ottawa, IL

The Illinois Valley Vixens claimed another win this season during their Birthday Massacreade bout against the Aurora 88’s. Skydive Chicago cleared its hangers for the festive event and spectators surrounded the track eager for some derby action.

The evening began with a Birthday themed bout comprised of members from multiple leagues: Illinois Valley Vixens, Chocolate City Cherry Bombers, MissFits, Peoria Push, River Demons, Southland Slashers, and the Stateline Derby Divas.

In keeping with the spirit of a birthday massacreade, the Ice Creamers faced off against the Mascara Raid Mafia. Swagga N Swett, Tha TRUTH, and Har V Wallbreaker from the Mafia team each boasted significant gains during their times as jammer. In spite of icy walls formed by the Creamer team, the Mascara Raid Mafia took the win.

Between bouts, the Vixens took the opportunity to support a local organization. Half the money from ticket sales for each bout that the Vixens host goes to a local organization. The recipient of the Vixen’s Birthday Massacreade donation was Lighted Way in LaSalle, a coed special education school that has received a rating of five out of five stars from the school community. Although the Vixens presented a large decorative check denoting a $400 gift, the final dollar amount that went to Lighted Way was $1364.00.

The second bout of the evening featured the Illinois Valley Vixens facing off against the Aurora 88’s.  Ivy Sedation, coach of the 88’s, matched wits against Jonny5ive and Ninja Please of the Vixens. The first half demonstrated that the birthday-themed bout would be no cake walk for the Vixens.

Eplinator shot through the packs, obtaining lead jammer status every time. Hal Apenyo Punch slammed into defensive lines and sent the Vixen’s adversaries skidding off the track. Despite these stellar Vixen moves, the Aurora 88’s had no intention of gifting an easy win to the Vixens on their birthday. The first half ended with the 88’s leading, 73 to 52.

During half time, Luminosity danced with flaming hula hoops and rods, impressing the crowd with what might have appeared to be paranormal skill.

Coaches Johnny5ive and Ninja Please used the half time to change up the Vixen’s strategy. The Vixens that entered the second half were ready to claim their win. With only six jams remaining in the second half, the Vixens seized the lead from the 88’s, to claim 73 points to the 88’s 41.

The final win went to the Vixens, 125 to 114.


Win: IVVRD-136 | TCVQ-119

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Illinois Valley Vixens at Vice Quads – Bout Recap

August 6, 2011 | Urbana, IL

Derby fans, sporting team colors and eager for a show, filled the trackside for the Vice Quad’s debut bout against the Illinois Valley Vixens on Saturday, August 6. Crowds waited expectantly for the evening’s events to begin while they satiated their hunger with Dirty Derby Nachos (a conglomeration of chips, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese …)

Vixen coaches Moe Peds and Poon Tang matched wits against Quad’s coach Ani Up. The Illinois Valley Vixens dominated the first half with 67 points to the Vice Quads’ 37; however, the 30 point spread was not to last.

The second half introduced a wildly energized Vice Quad’s team. Both teams fought hard and spectators witnessed some serious derby action. Vixen’s Claire-tastrophe sent Quads’ jammer Chesty Pains into an aerial spin cycle, halted ultimately by the floor while a smiling Kid A took a tumble nearby. Derby is not for the faint of heart, whether you’re a player or a spectator.

The Vice Quads gained 82 points in the second half, but the Vixen’s consistency with 69 points won out. The final score: Vixens - 136, Quads - 119.

The Vice Quads voted Betty Blackout as the Vixen’s MVP while Punchwrap Supreme took the same for the Vice Quads.

~Written by: Mystri

Loss: IVVRD – 121 |MissFits– 148

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June 17, 2011 | Ottawa, IL

The Illinois Valley Vixens are 2-2 this season with a recent loss to the McLean County MissFits. Vixen and MissFit fans gathered in a hangar at Sky Dive Chicago for the Vixens first official home bout.

The evening opened with a “mixer,”  a scrimmage between two teams with players from the Vixens, MissFits, and Wisconsin River Valley Roller Girls teams. Vixen coaches, McLovin and the Unknown Coach, directed the white-jersey team, while Camp Rockurass and Moe Peds led the team wearing black. Many of the onlookers had never witnessed a bout before and they enjoyed the scrimmage as a first taste of roller derby. The white team slayed the black team, 123 to 57.

Cirque de Soawesome dazzled the evening’s guests over half-time with their hula hoop hoopla. The prancing and dancing brought smiles to the crowd and left everyone wanting to see more.

The night’s main event began with the Vixens, coached by Moe Peds and the Unknown Coach, taking the lead over the MissFits in the first two jams. In the seventh jam the MissFits turned the tables and pulled ahead. The teams were neck-and-neck and only three points apart at half-time with the MissFits possessing 56 points to the Vixens’ 53.

The second half brought the Vixens to a final score of 121, but the MissFits took the bout with 148.

~Written by: Mystri

Win: IVVRD – 136 |CCCB – 106

posted Jun 10, 2011, 12:39 PM by Vixens Webmaster

June 4, 2011 | Burlington, Wisconsin

Win:  Illinois Valley Vixens – 136 |Chocolate City Cherry Bombers – 106

The Illinois Valley Vixens captured a decisive victory Saturday over the Chocolate City Cherry Bombers for their second win of the season.

Capellis Traxside skating rink in Burlington, Wisconsin opened its doors to the beautifully brutal event as skaters and spectators alike filled the rink with anticipation and curiosity. The pink-clad Cherry Bombers enlisted a few of Leaf River’s River Demons for the event as the Vixens sported a few roster changes.

The moment the starting whistle blew, the bout was off to a roaring start. In the first half, the Vixens’ Jawbreaker J-me and Skaten Spawn provided solid hip whips to their jammers as Claire-tastrophe and Kid A rocked their booty blocks.

Jumble-minded jammers froze on their line more than once when referees failed to provide proper starting signals. Captains called time-outs on multiple occasions to confer with refs over questionable penalties – or lack thereof. Regardless, the players maintained good humor and their affection for the sport ruled over any disappointments.

The first half ended with the Vixens (78) swanking a 33 point lead over the Bombers (45), but the Bombers were not so easily dissuaded. Despite injuries, the Bombers pulled together and fought hard the second half. With 8:31 minutes left in the bout, the sound and pain of a popping knee sent Love Lee Mayhem (#331 of the Cherry Bombers) to the floor and out of the game.

The Cherry Bombers gained in the second half by earning 61 points to the Vixen’s 58, but it was not enough to declare a Bomber victory. The final win went to the Vixens with 136 to the Cherry Bomber’s 106.

Currently, the Vixens are preparing for their fourth bout of the season, to be held on June 17th against the McLean County Missfits. Thus far, the Vixens have been 2-1. Earlier this year, the Soy City Rollers of Decatur stole the first victory away from the virgin Vixen team. Not to be put off, the Vixens adapted quickly and, in May, they triumphed in battle against the River Demons, despite skating on a challenging rink floor that drained every ounce of their energy. With their recent win against the Cherry Bombers, the Vixens now have a shot at 3-1.

Will the Vixens  be able to pull off a win at their first official home-turf bout? To get tickets and find out, contact your favorite Vixen or email for more information.

~Written by:  Mystri

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